Count Calories?
Not On The Rosedale Diet

Dr. Ron Rosedale published his eponymous weight loss plan, The Rosedale Diet , during the height of the “low carb craze” in 2004. Unlike many of the other non-Atkins low-carb approaches we've discussed thusfar, the Rosedale plan gives the thumbs up to eating lots of dietary fat (albeit of the unsaturated variety).

Focus on Leptin

Essentially, the diet centers on managing levels of the hormone leptin, which many nutritionists have argued is critical in regulating satiety. The main theory is that if you regulate your leptin levels, you control your hunger; as a result, you end up eating less and losing weight.

Simple Carbs Drive Cravings

To that end, Dr. Rosedale recommends that people eat only fibrous carbs and that they steer clear of simple sugars and carbohydrates.

No Need to Count Calories

Dr. Rosedale does not advocate calorie counting; he instead suggests that dieters eat when they're hungry.

Two Phase System

The Rosedale approach suggests avoiding saturated and trans-fats, eating slowly, banning certain foods from your diet for life, and going through a two phase approach. During the first phase, you restrict carbohydrates significantly. During the second phase, you slowly reintroduce some carbs in an appropriate fashion.

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