Low Carb Diet and Lifestyle Resources

The Low Carber's Survival Guide

Need help living low carb better? Check out my eBook, written to help low carbers navigate life in our "high carb" world. It features tons of great content, including original and lengthy interviews with strength trainer Fred Hahn and science writer Gary Taubes!

Jimmy Moore's Livin' La Vida Low Carb

Among the pantheon of low carb bloggers, Jimmy Moore stands out as one of the most engaging and important. Jimmy commands a veritable online empire. He maintains lifestyle websites, YouTube videos, podcasts, link directories, low carb stores, and more. His passion for low carb living stems from personal experience; according to his site, he lost 180 pounds after going on Atkins. Jimmy is a generous, funny, and convincing guide. Highly recommend.

Willstar's Low-Carb Pavilion

One of the oldest (1997!) and most venerated low carb diet institutions on the Net, Willstar's provides no-nonsense answers to burning questions you likely have about the low carb approach. The writing is lucid and easy to follow; everything you would expect from a good educator. Try your luck at the Low-Carb Quiz. (I got a 12 out of 12, but then again I run my own low carb diet site :) ) Among Willstar's resources that you might find exceptionally useful: his low carb food pyramid, essay on hidden carbs in foods, and page on nutrition chemistry basics. Send your doctor to Willstar's page on research supporting low carb diets.

Dr. Jeff Gerber's official website (Denver area physician)

"Good Food is Good Medicine" -- so says Board Certified Family Physician, Dr. Jeff Gerber, who practices out of Littleton, Colorado. His website features excellent, easy to understand information about the relationship between insulin resistance and disease/obesity. Dr. Gerber pulls no punches: he explicitly says "dietary carbohydrates are driving the epidemic of obesity and diabetes."

His site features lots of practical resources, including carb counters, low carb meal plans, info on drugs that can act to restore normal physiology in those who are diabetic/insulin resistant, and much more.

If you live in or around Denver (e.g. Littleton, Boulder, etc), call Dr. Gerber at 303-346-9490. His office is at: 7780 South Broadway, Suite 250, Littleton, Colorado 80122.

Low Carb Foods - How and Why?

Read about the author's courageous and triumphant battle against diabetes, which she bested using a low carbohydrate diet. This site is chock full of useful resources, including an intro the concepts of low carbing, lotsa recipe ideas (including a pizza slide show), a news feed, a fun quiz, and a handy print out form (under the heading Personal Profile) to track your weight and insulin levels. Visit the Deliciously Diabetic section for some important diabetes-specific research. Easy to read. Cute graphics to boot. Visit this site!


A superior low carb diet site out of the UK. Simple layout. Clean. Effectively conveys all the key ideas of the LC diet. Cool sections on supportive scientific research, recipes, BMI measurement, and more. Terrific FAQ section (if you are having trouble with weight loss, definitely check out the subsection "The weight loss has stopped what am I doing wrong?") The site also maintains an active forum. But perhaps the most compelling stuff is the pictures. Click on the Photos section to see before and after pics of real people who have lost lots of weight doing low carb. Not convinced that low carb works? Then check out those pictures!

Website of Dr. Peter Weiss, author of More Health, Less Care

Dr. Pete Weiss is an extensively credentialed Florida-based physician and health care executive who is on a mission to "empow­er­ indi­vid­u­als to man­age their own health and to become healthy and well." To that end, he has written an important new book: More Health, Less Care: How to Take Charge of Your Medical Care and Write Your Own Personal Prescription for Lifelong Health.

Many doctors and health authorities out there treat symptoms but ignore how they fit together. Dr. Pete rejects that view of care in favor of a more holistic one. As he explains on his website:

"My expe­ri­ence has taught me that our human bod­ies are incred­i­bly com­pli­cated with many inter-re­lated tis­sues, organ, and sys­tems...  Every part of your body is con­nected to, and influences, every­thing else.  And don’t for­get your mind and spirit.  There is no “phys­i­cal you” dis­con­nected from your thoughts, emo­tions and soul.  It’s not just the food, every­thing you do mat­ters for the “total you” and your total health."

Please check out what Dr. Pete has to say. We believe that, if more doctors would emulate his expansive thinking on patient care, Americans would be the healthier and happier for it!