Frozen Low Carb Meals

Let’s face it: low carb meals can be time-intensive and messy to make.

It’s a lot easier to grab a bowl of cereal or a piece of fruit in the morning and be on your way than it is to labor over a hot skillet making bacon and eggs; or eggs and sausage; or (insert your standard eggs-and-breakfast-meat-combo here).

With ready-made frozen low carb meals in your freezer, however, you can eat well without wasting your entire life in the kitchen. Here are some suggestions to stock your freezer full of low carb treats.

Beware meat substitutes, breading and fillers, added sugar, and fruit juice sweeteners.

These can all add to your carb count. Always read labels!

Low carb ice cream?

Low carb low fat ice creams exist, but this stuff is loaded with like a zillion artificial chemicals.

The low carb high fat varieties certainly seem to be tastier. Breyers makes a good low carb ice cream as does Safeway (Watch'n Carbs). Whole Foods carries a low carb soy cream treat: yummy stuff.

Decarb frozen entrees for ad hoc low carb dinners and lunches.

  • De-bread chicken nuggets or chicken strips after you cook them.
  • Make frozen dinner entrees and toss out the starchy sides and desserts.
  • Make frozen stuffed cabbages and toss out the sugary sauce that comes with them. (Or, better yet, replace that sugary sauce with a homemade low-sugar sauce made with Splenda.)

Make meals at home to freeze for later.

This approach is good for three reasons:

  • You control precisely what goes into the container.
  • Since you know your tastes better than anyone, you can season and spice optimally.
  • You can create massive amounts of food at once--a few hours of prep time thus yields many different meals, saving you both time and money.

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