Free Low Carb Lunch Tips

Making a low carb lunch at home can take tons of time.

Here are tips for finding healthy and fast low carb meals at the supermarket.

First of all, be warned; The prepared food section of the typical American grocery store is a minefield of carb-busting choices.

If you want to minimize your carb intake, stay away from pasta salad, fruit cups, rice based dishes, sandwiches and pizzas. But even eschewing these foods may not be enough.

Protein-based foods can be loaded with hidden simple carbs or sugars. Many store-made meatballs, for instance, contain breadcrumbs or flour. Chicken and turkey pot pies may taste delicious and fill you up, but the flour-rich crusts and gravies in these pies can send your blood sugar through the roof. Turkey or chicken drumsticks may seem good choices, but they can be coated in breading.

What about salads?

Many salad dressings contain loads of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. And even if you just use oil and vinegar, most grocery store salads hide unpleasant surprises for the low carb dieter. Corn kernels, carrots, beets, and other sugary vegetables often burrow their way into seemingly low carb salads; the only solution then may be to ungraciously pluck these veggies out one by one.

Think it’s safe just to go with plain deli meats or a prepared roasted chicken? Think again!

Even seemingly ultra low carb items can contain hidden sugars. For instance, even prepared roasted chickens or meats can contain not insignificant amounts of high-fructose corn syrup. Read those labels.

All this isn’t to say that you can’t get healthful low carb options at your deli or prepared food counter.

Just be prepared to budget in a few extra carbs for the occasion.

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