Spice Up Your Low Carb Grocery List!

Is your low carb grocery list boring? It need not be. Read this exclusive interview to find out how to liven-up that diet!

Low Carb Grocery List
Great stuff for your low carb grocery list!

It is a privilege today to hear from Jason, founder of LoCarbU.com, one of the most popular low-carb stores on the Web. In addition to the online branch, you can visit in person at the store at 5770 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038.

Lo Carb U Foods sells practically every carb-substitute product out there, including breads, brownies, cookies, nutrition bars, low-carb noodles and tortillas, and much much more -- over 800 low-carb and sugar-free products for your low carb grocery list. They also sell products to support the low-carb lifestyle, such as ketone strips.

Also, for what it's worth, I and my friends in Los Angeles who eat low-carb are repeat, satisfied customers.

Welcome, Jason, and thanks for doing this Q&A.

#1. Many low-carb newbies fret that they will never again get to enjoy yummy treats like pasta or brownies. But that's not the case, is it?

We offer over 800 different low carb products that help get over that craving for its high carb counterpart so that you don't have to blow it.

#2. What motivated you to open Lo Carb-U Foods? Were you an Atkins devotee beforehand?

I opened Lo Carb U in Dec 2003 because I was on a low carb plan and was tired of running around to 4 different stores picking up a few items and a few there. I knew that there were lots of options and products out there so I wanted a haven for low carb dieters and diabetics.

#3. What's been the biggest challenge for you as you have built yourbusiness?

A lot of the companies that make these products are very small so a lot of them don't make good decisions or whatever the case is they go out of business within a year or two. That makes it very hard for us to offer consistent products especially when it's a very popular product and just "goes away" overnight.

#4. What are some of your best-selling low-carb goodies?

The eat rite pizzas are hands down our most popular product. Tofu Shirataki noodles are up there too as they fit into the low calorie, low fat category as well as extremely low in carbs. Breads, bagels, hot dog and hamburger buns are very popular as well.

#5. When your customers want more information about the low-carb diet, what books/materials do you recommend?

First of all, I really recommend reading a book whether it be Atkins, South Beach, The Zone, Protein Power or whatever. You need to have the fundamental understanding of the program that you are attempting before you try and do a "modified version" because you may or may not be undermining all of your goals from the start.

#6. Based on your experience, do you see the low-carb market trending up or down?

It stays very steady which is the way we like it. The low carb "craze" of 2002-2004 was not helpful because all of the big food manufacturers tried jumping into the game to get a piece of it and flooded the market with inferior products and pushed a lot of the smaller players out or it made them raise their prices.

#7. Are there any misconceptions about your products that you would like to address and put to rest?

Some people call these products "Frankenfoods" and batch them all together with the foods that were in the fat free craze of the late 80's and 90's. Our products are not meant to be used as a full time replacement for vegetables, meat, fruit etc. Lets face it, people can't live on vegetables and meat alone so these products are meant to get people over the hump whether it be comfort foods or whatnot.

Thanks so much for your time and insight, and good luck with your store(s). Will probably see you in there when I next fill my low carb grocery list. (Gotta love that Dreamfields pasta!)

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