8 Low Carb Bakery Tips

Low carb bakery fans: here are 9 tips for navigating the supermarket bakery counter.

1. Be aware of carb counts.

Many favorite desserts--cupcakes, cookies, pound cakes, exotic French and Italian pastries--are loaded with flour and sugar. And they can run-up your daily carb count like nobody’s business.

However--two other key ingredients in baked goods are eggs and butter. One egg has approximately a single gram of carbohydrates; and butter is exceptionally low in carbs.

2. Remember that sugar is sugar, whether it’s corn syrup or organic agave nectar.

Unless the sugar is somehow bio-chemically different from regular table sugar, you should generally expect it to have an impact on your blood glucose and insulin.

3. Speaking of sweets, many bakeries now offer low sugar versions of classic goodies.

Be forewarned--unless a baked good is specifically “low carb,” it may still have lots of carbs in the form of flour or other thickening agents. Still, going the low sugar route may be a good way to indulge without feeling the full brunt of the guilt.

4. Whole wheat options may not be much healthier.

The added fiber theoretically might make the simple sugars in a bakery item less accessible to your digestive system. But who knows.

5. Forget the low fat items!

If the Lipophilia Hypothesis about why we fatten is correct, why sacrifice taste and flavor if dietary fat isn’t problematic... and may even be good for you?

6. Search for low carb breaded goodies.

The Cheesecake Factory, for one, makes a spectacular low carb cheese cake sweetened with Splenda and set atop a walnut crust.

7. Buy low carb bakery ingredients and make sweet treats at home with them.

For instance, use almond flour or reduced carb flour and artificial sweeteners like Splenda to make low carb pancakes.

8. Indulge once in a while.

Life is too short to count carbs every waking moment. Unless you are extremely sick or extremely sensitive to sugars, it probably won’t hurt to eat a yummy gooey bakery treat now and again. Be sure to get something good, though! Don’t waste your special treat on a stale danish that’s been sitting on the shelf since last Tuesday.

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