How Many Americans are Obese?
What Will Happen to the USA if the Obesity Epidemic is Not Contained?

Google "How many Americans are obese" and you will be shocked by the statistics you uncover.

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), as of 2005-2006, 32.7% of adults in this country were overweight (BMI 25.0+); 34.3% were obese (BMI 30.0+), and nearly 6% were morbidly obese (BMI 40.0+).

More than 11% of kids under the age of five were overweight, as were nearly one out of five adolescents. NHANES found that obesity has more than doubled over the last 30 years.


Consider how many Americans are obese, and the implications verge on the catastrophic.

If we keep on this track, how long will it be before our healthcare system implodes? Whether it takes a decade or three for obesity and its associated chronic conditions to do our country in, economically, you can be sure that it will, unless we address the problem more effectively.

So how can we reduce how many Americans are obese?

The standard approach is familiar to anyone who has gone to a doctor or turned on a television set. We must exercise more, cut calories, eat lower fat foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, and cut out trans fats and salt from our diet.

Why this approach is utterly doomed.

If the alternative theory about obesity (that we advocate here) is correct, then the aforementioned solutions will amount to nothing. Actually, that’s not true. They will make the problem worse.

Why on Earth would these sensible solutions fail?

Because, on a fundamental level, they misunderstand the nature of obesity. As surprising as this may sound, we do NOT get fat from overeating/inactivity; and we thus cannot get thin by eating less/exercising more.

How can that be possible?

As an article in the November 2009 issue of Nature put it: "Obesity is most simply defined as a state in which the total amount of triglyceride stored in adipose tissue is abnormally increased."

More simply: obesity occurs when something messes up the way our bodies store fat in the fat tissue. Until this root problem is addressed, the problem of obesity cannot be solved.

So what is the solution?

The fundamental cause appears to be too much insulin circulating in our systems, which causes us to store triglycerides in our fat cells. So the solution(s) will have to address that…

  • Eat fewer carbohydrates (especially refined carbs and sugar) to control insulin.
  • Take other measures to control insulin in the population: de-stress people; have them get more sleep; and help them get off of drugs that cause hyperinsulinemia.
  • Stop shoveling money and energy into anti-obesity programs based on the wrong theory.

Until we dispense with the caloric balance hypothesis, the obesity epidemic will surely continue unabated, and we as society will get sicker and fatter and poorer.

The choice is ours: question the conventional solutions for obesity; or standby and witness the slow but inevitable collapse of American society.

Sorry to make the choice sound so dire, but that appears to be the reality.

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