Get the Facts on Obesity --
Exclusive Interviews with Leaders in the Field of Diet and Nutrition.

You want the facts on obesity and diet? Then listen to these folks.

We at Why Low Carb Diets Work are proud to present a series of world exclusive interviews with physicians, nutritionists, and others about low carbohydrate diets. Over the coming weeks and months, we plan to add many more interviews to our roster, so please bookmark this page and come back for more great talks.

July 19, 2010: Ellen Davis, creator of

July 13, 2010: Al Watson, Author of Cereal Killer and 21 Days to a Healthy Heart.

July 2, 2010: Rebecca Latham, Atkins Forum All-Star and Low Carb Blogger.

Colette Heimowitz, Vice President of Nutrition & Education for Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.

Jason, founder of the online low carb superstore,

Jimmy Moore, award-winnning low carb blogger, podcaster, and author.

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