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Hello and welcome to Why Low Carb Diets Work!

Me before I switched to low carb... and promptly lost 10 pounds!

My name is Adam. I am the creator and main author of the essays you’ll find here. I am a Yale University educated web journalist with a passion for unconventional (but terrific) ideas that the mainstream media ignores.

My mission is to educate people about an alternative theory about obesity called the Lipophilia Hypothesis. I believe this hypothesis is the single most important idea of our generation.

Looking through the lens of the Lipophilia Hypothesis is like looking through infrared goggles. You see the world in a whole new way. I find it very exciting. I feel like I have stumbled upon an entire continent that has never been explored. For instance, one thing that Lipophilia has helped me to discover (and I believe I am the first to theorize this) is an explanation for why certain medications make people gain weight, even when they eat less and exercise more. (Please see the page on Non-Diet X Factors for more about that.)

This site was inspired in large part by the work of an award-winning science writer named Gary Taubes, author of the book Good Calories, Bad Calories. Taubes attacks the main idea that underlies practically all diets: namely, that "calories count" and that eating less and exercising more can make us thinner. Although I have no direct affiliation with him, I cannot recommend his work highly enough (although, warning, it is challenging stuff!)

Why Low Carb Diets Work is a work in progress, design-wise and otherwise. Feel free to email me comments, concerns, or suggestions. I will try to answer most emails, but do note that it may take time for me to get back to you.

Over the coming months, I hope to add a raft of features, including a monthly eZine, a discussion forum, lotsa visuals and YouTube videos, and many more world-exclusive interviews with high profile doctors and health authorities. I also plan to simplify the science and arguments for people and incorporate higher quality research.

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By the way, please note that I am NOT a physician, nutritionist, or healthcare authority, nor am I marketing any particular diet, supplement or weight loss product. The information presented here is not intended to diagnose or offer cures. Consult your physician before making any changes to your diet, medication or lifestyle and please review our disclaimer.

Thanks for your support, and hope you enjoy learning about this world changing idea!

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10.18.11 Beyond Caloriegate Cover Art

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I know it sounds hyperbolic, but I believe that this Black Box concept is the key -- perhaps our ONLY hope -- for solving the obesity epidemic. In other words, without The Black Box, or something like it, our society is doomed to be destroyed by obesity, diabetes and other diet-related chronic diseases. No joke. I 100% believe this. So check it out!

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