The "Black Box" Revolution Is About to Change Everything and End the Obesity Epidemic

My friends and subscribers,

I greet you with passionate enthusiasm! After a long hiatus from blogging/writing about low carb diet stuff, I'm back on the grid.

And I've cooked up something special.

It's called The Black Box. It's a model that I modestly believe may hold the key to uniting a vastly diverse group of people and experts in the diet/health world and beyond.

I've pitched the model to many of the most elite thinkers in the low carb/paleo diet world, and it's received universal approval, even from people who don't see eye to eye on basically anything.

Mark my words: The Black Box is destined to crush the food Pyramid (or Plate, or whatever they're calling it these days. sheesh!) Stay tuned. I'm going to be releasing a free report in a few days that will explain the whole thing and set this revolution in motion. It's called "Caloriegate".

Long Live the Black Box!