Get Your Free Copy of "Caloriegate": A Short, Funny Report That I Absolutely Guarantee Will Radically Shift Your Thinking about Weight Loss for the Better

Dear friends and subscribers,

A few days ago, I sent you an email pre-announcing the launch of my new blog, Caloriegate, and free report of the same name.

Although I very much doubt you were waiting on the edge of your seat, I'm pleased to say THE WAIT IS OVER. Caloriegate is live.

For instant access to my new free report, which not only introduces a novel model about obesity ("The Black Box") that may have the ability to fundamentally change the game and destroy the loathesome monstrosity that is the USDA Food Guide Pyramid/Plate but also includes lots of funny cartoons, please reply to this email with the subject line "I Want Caloriegate!" and I will email you the PDF straightaway.

You can also get it at my new blog,, by entering your name and email there, but I wanted to save you the hassle. As you might have been able to guess from the shoddyness of the design here at, the technical tasks of running a website do not play to my strong suit :)

In all seriousness, this report is going to change the game. If the Food Pyramid is, in a sense, Darth Vader -- casting its evil shadow over our fair land -- then I would suggest that the idea that "calories count" is the Emperor.

"Calories Count" is the evil that props up the evil. For us to win and liberate ourselves and our world from obesity and chronic disease, we must destroy this fundamentally preposterous idea.

Unfortunately, attempts to replace "count calories" with something equally simple but probably more correct (e.g. "count carbs" or "count insulin") have met with ruthless friction. Because even if "count carbs" or "count insulin" is mostly correct, these ideas are not 100% correct, because biochemistry is complicated, and you can only make biochem so simple before it breaks down and loses its meaning.

The Black Box, on the other hand, IS 100% correct. It is as simple and memorable as "Calories Count" but it also has the virtue of not being an irrational fever dream.

If we want to slay the Food Pyramid/Plate, we need to dispatch "Calories Count."

If we want to dispatch "Calories Count", we need The Black Box.

Email me or head to to get your free report, and please feel free to pass it along to whomever might need it.