Your Low Carb Survival Guide is Finally Available!

My Fellow Low Carbers,

How much money do you spend a week on things like organic bison? How much time and energy do you fritter away trying to convince your friends/family/doctor/whomever to take low carb seriously... or at least not dismiss it off hand as a fad diet comparable to the Grapefruit Diet or the Cookie Diet?

Your troubles (at least some of them, hopefully) are over!

The Low Carber’s Survival Guide, my first eBook, systematically identifies and breaks down the 8 Main Challenges to living low carb simpler, cheaper, faster, and better.

One by one, the Guide probes the constraints that make our lives more difficult than the lives of all those high-carbers out there.

1. Still confused about aspects of low carbing?

Chapter 1 of The LCSG systematically demystifies low carbing and rips apart common myths about it.

2. Overloaded and overwhelmed by your quest to get useful information about diet/health stuff?

Chapter 2 gives you loads of tips and tricks to combat info-overload... useful not only for dealing with diet questions but also for managing other aspects of your life.

3. Tired of the doubters and haters out there?

Chapter 3 gives you the tools, strategies, and moxie you need to shut down critics and sway the skeptics.

4. Overwhelmed by carb cravings? Feeling isolated and alone - like you’re the only low carber in a 50 mile radius?

Chapter 4 eliminates the constraints you impose on yourself!

5. Has buying all that organic bison burned a hole in your wallet? Are you spending your evenings cooking and cleaning meats instead of having fun or hanging with your family?

Chapter 5 looks at low carb resource challenges and gives you tons of cool ideas to blow them away, so you can do low carb cheaper, faster, and better -- without sacrificing quality.

6. Do you have moral qualms about eating meat? What if you want to be a low carb vegan? Can it be done?

Chapter 6 blasts through these and many other moral/ethical concerns.

7. Are you regaining weight on low carb? Have you hit a stall? What could be going on??

After deeply thinking about Gary Taubes’ alternative theory about obesity and doing significant independent research, I have created a powerful list of 22 speculative reasons why low carb might fail... and what people might do to get back on track. Guarantee there is nothing even CLOSE to a list like this out there.

8. Are you itching to change the world? Do you want to turn your community or school into a low carb zone? Do you have ambitions to "Bag the Elephant" and knock out the USDA Food Pyramid... and replace it with low carb guidelines?

Chapter 8 addresses how to most effectively and efficiently leverage your passion for low carbing to change your community and the world for the better.

The LCSG comes with two AMAZING bonus interviews that you can get NOWHERE ELSE with two of the most well respected mavens in the low carb community.

First up, I spoke with FRED HAHN, author of The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution (which he wrote with Drs. Mike and Mary Dan Eades), about exercise and fitness. This interview could very well change your life and completely reorder how you approach "getting in shape."

Second, I spoke with none other than GARY TAUBES himself. The result is an awesome 45 page interview in which Gary and I discuss a huge range of topics, including: the real nature of anorexia, how and why people might fail on low carb... and what to do about it, and much much more!

The eBook is being offered exclusively through It is currently being offered for only $15, but this price will be going up to $25 soon.

Special deal: The first 100 people who order by going through Jimmy Moore’s site, The Livin La Vida Low Carb Show , can get a super-discount... only $9.99. Go to that website, grab the code, and order away.

Thanks for your support, everyone, and I would love to hear any feedback you have about this eBook or the website.