How Can I Help Make Your Life/Fat Loss Quest Easier?

Dear Friends,

I'm having something of an existential crisis with respect to my business, and I'd love your input. Would you help me help you?

Here's the situation.

I've been banging my head against the wall, trying to figure out how I can bring value to people who are struggling to lose weight and/or struggling with the low carb thing. I'm not a doctor or researcher. Frankly, I get bored reading about the nuances of the biochemistry. I want to avoid being seen as “Gary Taubes lite,” although maybe my mission is to be the guy who explains his theory in a way that even Aunt Martha can understand.

One thing I'm good at is coming up with a million and one ways to look at problems. It's this skill that's allowed me to write over 30,000 articles and web pages since 2003. I like debating for sport and making "idea messes." I have no ego about this stuff -- I like listening to and learning from critics as well as fans -- and I have a weird spidey sense for counterintuitive ideas (like Taubes' fat loss theory) that other people don't seem to realize are as important as they actually are.

What do YOU need that I could help you with?

You're a subscriber to why did you sign up? What problems in your life or weight loss quest could I help you solve? What kind of information or product could I produce for you that would dramatically add value to your life and make things a lot easier for you? What's been holding you back or annoying you about the diet journey?

Any feedback at all -- including feedback to the effect of "Adam, you suck at doing XYZ" -- would be appreciated. Thanks! Click here to email me if you have thoughts!